Pneumados Diaphragm Metering Pump PROMINENT

อัตราจ่ายสาร 0.76 - 16.7 l/h, 16 - 2 bar มิเตอริ่งปั๊มชนิดไดอะแฟรมขับเคลื่อนด้วยลม เหมาะกับแอปพลิเคชั่น เช่น animal feed treatment, car washing plants, fertilizer dosing in gardening


ProMinent® Pneumados pumps are pneumatically operated metering pumps in a capacity range of 0.76 ­ 16.7 l/h at a counter­pressure of 16 ­ 2 bar. Typical application areas are animal feed treatment, coating plants, car washing plants as well as fertilizer dosing in gardening.

The Pneumados consists of a one way pneumatically driven power end and Beta® dosing pump liquid ends type 1000 ­ 0220.

Application areas

  • Handling foodstuffs: Dosing and spraying foodstuffs with flavourings
  • Coating processes: Dosing coagulants
  • Agriculture: Dosing of fertilisers and minerals
  • Car wash plants: Dosing of cleaning agents, shampoos, brighteners, wax, drying agents and for treatment of recycling water with
  • flocculants, pH correctors, de­foaming agents and de­emulsifiers in all plants with central control (e.g. SPS) and supply with compressed air


  • One way pneumatically driven power end Beta® dosing pump liquid ends type 1000 ­ 0220
  • Varying of the capacity range via stroke length control from 100 to 10 % and via stroke frequency
  • Up to 180 strokes per min adjustable through external electromagnetically or pneumatically operated compressed air valves
  • Dosing stroke is effected with compressed air, suction stroke by a return spring.
  • Compressed air requirements ca. 50 l/min at 6 bar, not oiled compressed air is preferred, or oiled compressed air.
  • Required accessories such as pneumatic solenoid valve and electric timers and connector parts are available on demand.

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